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Janet Kelly

Dr. Janet Kelly is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and educator. She attended the University of North Texas and completed her Ph.D. in 1993. She went on to teach at the university level, undergraduate and graduate courses, for 17 years. During her tenure as a professor, she received multiple grants, authored numerous publications, and served as Director of the Institute of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education at the university for a number of years. Dr. Kelly formed Rare Breed Media in 2011 and entered into the world of film-making.

Brandon Assmann

Brandon Assmann studied history and theater at Northwestern College, in Orange City, Iowa.  While in college, he performed in numerous theatrical productions.  After graduation, Brandon spent five years teaching and directing speech and dramatics at the high school level.  Currently, Brandon works as the technical adviser for Rare Breed Media and helps create new and engaging features.

Mauricio Hidalgo Urena

Mauricio Hidalgo Urena has over 20 years of experience in graphic design, photography, and web development. His talents are utilized in all phases of film production. Mauricio studied at Costa Rica University before joining a television station to do graphic design. His works are available at

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly has over 15 years of experience in business operations. After graduating from Texas Christian University in 2001, he went to work as a financial analyst and then moved into sales and marketing. At Rare Breed, Ryan works to get the word out on the organization and its productions. He is also involved in underwriting and sponsorships.

John Schmeling

Dr. John Schmeling, is a Retired United States Army Colonel and former professor of European history and religion, who also served as Provost of Vincennes University for ten years. An ordained Lutheran minister, John volunteers his time to help others as chaplain and counselor. Currently, Dr. Schmeling is a UN Representative Ambassador to the Geneva UN and Vienna UN organizations. In his “other “ job Dr. Schmeling works tirelessly behind the scenes to make documentaries take on a meaningful life of their own. As a great-nephew of the legendary German boxer, Max Schmeling, John has a special interest in the Rare Breed documentary feature, Light in Dark Places, which focuses on resiliency of the human spirit and examines the lives of individuals who lived during World War II. In his free time, John likes to spend time with family and travel to new places.

Joel Walters

Joel Walters began his career in television and film production after graduation from University of Texas at Arlington in 1985. He started in broadcast operations and production and eventually worked forward into producing and directing beginning in the late 1990’s. His experience includes work as a writer and video editor as well. Joel was the writer-producer-director-editor of The American Rancher TV series seen on RFD-TV for seven and a half consecutive years from 2006-2014. He has also produced two documentary films on the historic Fort Worth Stockyards in 2001 and 2017, as well as a number of other ranching, rural lifestyle, rodeo, sports and patriotic pieces that have aired over broadcast television or web-based media.